ITE Chapter 7 Exam Answer 2016

ITE Chapter 7 Exam Answer 2016

1. Which two statements are true of a laptop CPU when compared to a desktop CPU? (Choose two.)

  • The laptops consume more power.
  • The laptop CPUs are interchangeable with desktop CPUs.
  • The laptops are designed to produce less heat.*
  • The laptops operate at higher clock speeds.
  • The laptops use smaller cooling devices.*

2. In the power management settings, which two devices can be set to turn off to conserve battery power? (Choose two.)

  • cooling fans
  • memory
  • hard disk drive*
  • display*
  • CPU

3. What is the first step in the process of troubleshooting a laptop?

  • Verify full functionality.
  • Determine the exact cause.
  • Establish probable causes.
  • Identify the problem.*

4. What is the final task for a technician after troubleshooting a laptop?

  • Verify full functionality.
  • Correct the problem.
  • Document the problem and the solution.*
  • Implement preventive measures.

5. What can a user do to reconnect a laptop to a functioning wireless network after a laptop has been moved and the connection has been lost?

  • Reboot the operating system.
  • Plug in the power cord to the wall outlet.
  • Recharge the battery.
  • Change the orientation of the laptop.*

6. Why are SODIMMs well suited for laptops?

  • They do not produce heat.
  • They have a small form factor.*
  • They are interchangeable with desktops.
  • They connect to external ports.

7. An administrator tries to configure Power Options within Windows, but is unable to do so. What is the possible cause?

  • Thermal management has been enabled.
  • ACPI has not been enabled in the BIOS.*
  • The administrator does not have user privileges to change the settings.
  • Wake-On-LAN has been enabled.

8. A technician is trying to remove a SODIMM module from a laptop. What is the correct way to do this?

  • Pull outward by holding the center of the SODIMM module.
  • Apply downward force on the SODIMM module.
  • Press outward on the clips that hold the sides of the SODIMM.*
  • Desolder the SODIMM module.

9. What should a technician do prior to replacing a keyboard on a laptop?

  • Remove all sources of power from the laptop.*
  • Remove the LCD screen.
  • Remove the outer casing of the laptop.
  • Remove the power inverter.

10. Which two internal expansion slots in laptops are commonly used to install wireless adapter cards? (Choose two.)

  • ISA
  • PCIe
  • Mini-PCIe*
  • PCI
  • PCI Express Micro*

11. What is the next step in the troubleshooting process after a solution has been implemented on a laptop?

  • Return the device to the customer.
  • Verify the solution.*
  • Document the solution.
  • Ask the customer to explain the problem.

12. A technician notices that a laptop display appears stretched and pixelated. What is a probable cause of this?

  • The power inverter is failing.
  • The display properties are incorrectly set.*
  • The screen has been burned in.
  • The power management features are incorrectly set.
  • One of the RAM modules is failing.

13. Which statement is true about laptops?

  • Most of the internal components that are designed for laptops cannot be used for desktops.*
  • Laptop CPUs do not use cooling devices.
  • Laptops use fewer components than desktops use.
  • Laptop motherboards have standard form factors.

14. What is a definition for CPU throttling?

  • overclocking
  • upgrading the CPU without changing the motherboard
  • the sharing of processing between two or more cores
  • the ability to modify CPU clock speed as needed*

15. What is the purpose of the eject button on a laptop docking station?

  • to open the CD/DVD tray
  • to detach the laptop from the docking station*
  • to disconnect a USB device
  • to remove the laptop battery

16. Which key sequence may be used to control whether the content of the screen will be presented on a built-in display or on an external display?

  • Fn + *
  • Shift +
  • Ctrl +
  • Alt +

17. What would be the most effective preventive maintenance routine for company laptops that are subject to high use?

  • a reactive routine that is performed monthly
  • a proactive routine that is performed monthly and as needed*
  • a proactive routine that is performed every six months
  • a reactive routine that is performed only as needed

18. To clean laptops, which two products are recommended? (Choose two.)

  • car wax
  • rubbing alcohol
  • cotton swabs*
  • ammonia
  • mild cleaning solution*

19. A technician has been asked to decide which laptop components should be cleaned on a monthly basis as part of a maintenance routine. What are two examples of components that should be included? (Choose two.)

  • CPU
  • hard disk platters and heads
  • exterior case*
  • keyboard*
  • RAM

20. A technician has installed a wireless Ethernet card in a Windows 7 laptop. Where would the technician configure a new wireless connection?

  • Control Panel > Networking and Sharing Center > Set up a new connection or network*
  • Control Panel > System > Device Manager
  • Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
  • Control Panel > Internet Options

21. Which component or components would be interchangeable between a laptop and and a desktop PC?

  • CPU
  • peripheral devices*
  • motherboard
  • power supply

22. A user needs to connect a Bluetooth device to a laptop. Which type of cable is needed to accomplish this?

  • USB cable
  • EIA/TIA 232 cable
  • None. Bluetooth connections are wireless.*
  • parallel cable
  • VGA cable




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